What Is Ministry Training University?

We are an organization bringing a collaborative life experience training to equip and enable Christians to fulfill the purpose and plan that God Himself has given them to do in furthering the Gospel around the world. Dave and I have had the privilege of working in the Children’s ministry for the past 30 years. We are more excited today than we were when we started in 1988. God has given us a passion to reach the next generation and engage people in the work of the Lord through their local church.

We live in a time with the greatest door of opportunity to reach people all over the world. “By the year 2020 social media users are expected to reach 2.95 billion – one third of the earths entire population.” That is astounding! Dave and I realized that God has given us a tool to have a potential audience of millions of people that need to be enlisted, trained, equipped and advancing in the Lord’s work. With less effort and more impact, God revealed to us a great door of opportunity to advance the cause of Christ! God put it in our heart to create a virtual platform that Christians throughout the world could work together in the virtual world allowing millions to be reached with the Gospel. That is how Ministry Training University was birthed. Through partnering with a webmaster, graphic designer, and marketer over the last 5 years God gave us this all-in-one ministry platform. Our goal is to become the “Amazon” of Ministry Training! Here are some awesome features you receive as a member of the MTU family.

  • Personal Membership for the individual
  • Church Membership for ministry training
  • Free Online Training Videos
  • MTU Training Courses
  • Private MTU Inner Circle Facebook Group
  • Weekly MTU Members Only Video Coaching Call
  • Members Only Resources and Download Materials
  • Access to members only community and forums
  • Full online store – coming soon.

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