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    Novel – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

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    Chapter 1870 – Qu Linan Is Amid Criticisms better acoustics


    After Zhou Renyu accepted it, he was arrested at the moment.

    “Whoever determined evidence is indeed incredible. The police happen to be analyzing the fact for 1 / 2 each year without finding any helpful data. I think the authorities must be concealing anything as an alternative to failing to grab the thieves. It seems to be true that people of success and power are securing the other.”

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    However, none of us was pleased to support her loved ones currently, given it was too troublesome.

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    Anyhow, simply because Zhou Renyu also used a role within it, they had to interrogate him way too.

    Section 1870: Qu Linan Is Amid Criticisms

    A number of Fu Yongliang and Ni Aijing’s buddies truly were definitely questionable of Qu Linan too once they have been killed, yet they lacked information and chance to want to do something about this.

    All the major mass media noted news reports that Qu Linan was arrested all things considered, and the need for reveals on the Qu Corporation dived.

    Following that, the cops went along to arrest Qu Linan.

    Once the daytime cla.s.ses were more than, Gu Ning left the school.

    With the obvious facts, the news brought about an increased experience on the web.

    “What?” Qu Linan was shocked, then frowned, given it was attainable.

    Qu Linan is in despair soon after seeing the evidence totally exposed by Simple truth Only. He obtained established for an individual to spoil the monitoring videos, though the human being still had been able have them.

    Confronting the reliable data, Zhou Renyu simply had to concede it with an excellent att.i.tude.

    Thus, Qu Linan identified as Zhou Renyu simultaneously and expected him whether he had leaked out the recording.

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    “What?” Qu Linan was stunned, then frowned, because it was possible.

    “I’ve missing confidence from the govt.”

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    Zhou Renyu was hit dumb very. It absolutely was impossible for him to problem their discussion on the telephone. He in fact experienced no clue just how the human being maintained to get it.

    K was finding coverage to the information, so Gu Ning looked at aside as being an onlooker.

    “Uncle Qu, is it possible that someone is monitoring your cell phone?” stated Zhou Renyu. Normally, no person ought to know their simply call due to the fact neither of which leaked it.

    “What?” Qu Linan was stunned, then frowned, because it was attainable.

    Mrs. Qu was mad at Qu Linan’s actions, but he was her partner in fact. He was the top job of their own loved ones, so she quickly turned into their connections for assistance, aiming to guide Qu Linan out.


    In a short time, Facts Only sent another article with many photos showing Qu Linan’s simply call and switch reports along with the suspects, the GIF photographs of Qu Linan entering the villa on the day when Ni Aijing was kidnapped because of the six suspects to a auto and brought into the villa, along with the suspects leaving the villa in a vehicle driving a car to throw-away her human body.

    There was clearly no traffic jam while travelling, so she reached Shengs.h.i.+ Lodge about 5 pm.