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    Fabulousfiction Dual Cultivation – Chapter 664 – Slightly Better Than Lian Heng terrific obtainable -p1

    Novel – Dual Cultivation – Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 664 – Slightly Better Than Lian Heng act highfalutin

    “I assume you’re slightly much better than your sibling,” Su Yang said having a tranquil manifestation on his encounter after discovering her Sword Purpose.

    “What…? Have you been critical?” Lian Li viewed him with huge vision. Does he actually consider conquering her without aching her? Is the fact even possible?

    In the mean time, Lian Li suddenly jumped in the phase, alarming all people there.

    “I assume you’re slightly much better than your brother,” Su Yang mentioned by using a calm term on his face after observing her Sword Purpose.

    Listening to his thoughts, Lian Li quickly responded, “Provided you can defeat me in the sword challenge, I am going to serve as though precisely what took place currently never occurred, plus i will switch a sightless eyesight to your disrespectful behavior for the Lian Friends and family this time.”

    In the meantime, Lian Li suddenly jumped on the phase, alarming everybody there.

    “I don’t determine what you’re contemplating inside that messed up go of your own property, however, when you actually imagine you may beat me without harming me, you will find clearly a problem with you.”

    “It is possible to assume anything you want about me, all I wish to know is if you agree with the extra rule of thumb,” Su Yang said to her having a teeth on his experience.

    Wu Jingjing was speechless. If her father is this mad in cases like this, anyone can only picture his impulse as soon as he learns with regards to the ident.i.ty of Zhu Jiayi’s daddy and each of Su Yang’s other girls.

    “Are you seeking to avenge him?” Su Yang requested her by using a tranquil term on his confront.

    “Having said that, should you get rid of this task, you will need to keep the complete duty for disrespecting the Lian Loved ones without uttering one particular problem no matter the consequence.”

    “I concur! When you can really defeat me, far less accomplish that without hurting me, I am going to be ready to do whatever you desire me to!” Lian Li suddenly waved her sword with rigorous Sword Intent exuding from her aura, and then there was just a tip of Sword Qi within her aura, resulting in the setting there to change significantly.

    “You— I don’t care anymore!” Wu Jiang could actually feel his our blood boiling from fury at this time.

    “Are you presently looking to avenge him?” Su Yang required her having a relax term on his facial area.

    Additionally, Wu Jiang was confident that Su Yang acquired not employed his total electrical power just now. If Su Yang would make use of all of his Sword Intention, there was without a doubt that Lian Heng would’ve died.

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    “I suppose you’re slightly greater than your sibling,” Su Yang claimed with a relax concept on his facial area after viewing her Sword Intent.

    “Have you been f.you.c.k.i.n.g with me at this time?! How dare you courtroom another woman—Her Highness, no less— looking at Jingjing, who gave birth to your little one?! Does the message ‘fidelity’ not exist in your world?!” Wu Jiang shouted at Su Yang while directed fingers.

    “Another person have that disgraceful canine right out of the point!” Lian Li suddenly shouted in a commanding sound, as well as a sect elder immediately visited carry the unconscious Lian Heng from the point.

    “Exactly what are you planning?” Lian Li frowned, feeling an ominous sensation concerning the smile that showed up on Su Yang’s facial area.

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    In the meantime, Lian Li suddenly jumped into the stage, alarming everybody there.


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    ‘What strong Sword Intent…’

    “And you, Jingjing! Are you still intending to shield him after seeing this?! Right here is the kind of person he really is!” Wu Jiang turned to look at her after.

    “The audacity!” A excessive tone of voice boomed.

    “There’s no factor describing it for you personally if you find yourself this emotional, daddy,” Wu Jingjing said to him before dismissing him once again.

    “You— I don’t proper care any further!” Wu Jiang could sense his blood cooking from frustration at this point.


    However, it was subsequently no Lian Li who spoke just now. Instead, such words and phrases got their start in Wu Jiang’s mouth area.

    “Her Highness just came into the point! Does she plan on avenging her junior brother?!” The disciples seen with nearly uncontrollable exhilaration, as they rarely got to see Lian Li overcome.

    When they were actually alone over the period, Lian Li retrieved a sword which has a blue blade that emitted a chilling aura from her safe-keeping engagement ring and directed it at Su Yang before communicating, “Can you dare to just accept my obstacle?”

    “Of course. Of course, if I have the ability to reach this sort of feat, together with your earlier words and phrases, you’ll have dinner with me this evening,” Su Yang spoke having a handsome smile on his facial area.

    Your entire area switched calm after Su Yang’s previous phrase, every disciple in the industry was staring at Su Yang with disbelief with their faces.

    “Is so? However don’t like negatively affecting women— especially the gorgeous styles without any d.a.m.n valid reason.”

    When they had been alone for the period, Lian Li retrieved a sword using a blue blade that emitted a chilling atmosphere from her safe-keeping ring and directed it at Su Yang before communicating, “Should you dare to just accept my problem?”

    The entire place turned quiet after Su Yang’s past sentence, and each disciple within the area was staring at Su Yang with disbelief with their facial looks.

    “Is always that so? Having Said That I don’t like aching women— specially the attractive kinds with out a d.a.m.n good reason.”



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    Although it was just to obtain a quick moment, Su Yang’s Sword Purpose got triggered Wu Jiang’s cardiovascular to ignore a beat.