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    Chapter 199 Veiled Figure sniff therapeutic


    “W-Who’s that?”

    On the third count up, the two Yuan plus the veiled woman enjoyed their zither as well.

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    Yuan nodded and mentioned, “When you’re ready.”

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    And even though they generally do not are able to combat against a Mindset Grandmaster, they could at the very least rea.s.certain Yuan’s safeness.

    Yuan was slightly startled when he appeared up and found the ma.s.sive crowd clapping for him.

    The target audience expected a chaotic picture. Nonetheless, to the amaze, they quickly discovered they were prepared to listen to the two tracks simultaneously without sensation much like the tunes was disturbing one other.

    Yuan nodded and reported, “Every time you’re prepared.”

    However, Elder Xuan and Elder Shan narrowed their eye during this undiscovered hazard with excellent warning, getting ready to defend Yuan at any moment. Even though they cannot convey to exactly this undiscovered presence’s 100 % cultivation, people were confident that she was at the least a Soul Grandmaster.

    The veiled figure has never been told about an Outer Court disciple in need of defense against two high-search engine ranking sect seniors well before until these days.

    This veiled specific did not believe the Dragon Fact Temple deserved an outstanding zither skilled like Yuan, even emotion somewhat envious ones.

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    The group stared with this beginner with increased eye-brows.

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    Even though they are doing not have the ability to combat a Soul Grandmaster, they could at the least rea.s.certainly Yuan’s safeness.

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    “Close up! I recognize a elegance after i see one even without looking at their facial looks!”

    She then retrieved a reddish colored zither from her spatial band and located it on the dinner table.

    The veiled particular suddenly obtained the urge to increase to Yuan and convey to him to go out of the Dragon Fact Temple and enroll in the Heavenly Melody Academy as a substitute. Nonetheless, every time they observed Elder Xuan and Elder Shan’s profile sitting not distant, they quickly tossed out that thought.

    She then retrieved a reddish colored zither from her spatial band and put it on the desk.

    “Okay, I will enjoy an additional tune,” Yuan thought to them, enhancing the thrill.

    Yuan immediately saw that she was doing a countdown and nodded his go.

    This veiled girl then switched to check out Yuan and start working on stare at him in silence, almost like she was looking to show him anything.

    The veiled lady then picked up her arms and revealed him three of her slender palms.

    About the 3rd add up, both equally Yuan and the veiled woman used their zither at the same time.

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    The veiled body has never been aware of an Outer Court disciple desiring protection from two great-standing sect seniors right before until today.

    Yuan was slightly startled as he appeared up and saw the ma.s.sive crowd clapping for him.

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    “Are you sure? What’s she performing in this article? Tough Disciple Yuan, no a lot less…” Elder Xuan stated.

    An uncomfortable and off-sounding sound suddenly resounded in your community, creating the people to transform to look at the veiled girl who’d suddenly quit actively playing the zither.

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    Sometime later on, Yuan done his subsequent song, as well as audience immediately exploded with cheers and clapping.

    “T-This is…” Fei Yuyan’s jaw dropped to the ground when she recognized that which was transpiring, especially after witnessing the competency being shown by the veiled lady.