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    Novel – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    Chapter 250 – National Battleground jumbled tire

    Shutter Island

    Rudra was not surprised by the fools , his position was the central major town P , having said that there are one squad of competitors exactly above them , and three other squads which were dropping at identical area.

    Rudra was really a gentleman that has a focus on on his rear , as in the plane everybody was dissing him. He was the very best puppy , as well as very best competitor , hence quite a few referred to as him out.

    Rudra only been told a ” YOuuuu baaaassssttttaaaaa….”. From the going down guys , prior to they bought outside the range of earshot.


    Nero explained to Rudra ” The spot is just too big overloaded , we will still change trajectory , we will get products from modest settlements , its more essential to thrive “.

    There will be a safezone that would reduce every two plus a 1 / 2 a matter of minutes by way of a preset portion. And overall the complete sport would at maximum carry on for an hour , in which the safezone will reduce to .


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    ” For anybody who is not a son of the bi*** I dare you to jump to Small town Z “.

    While Neatwit claimed ” cool entry “.

    Nero explained to Rudra ” The site is too overloaded , we can still transformation trajectory , we shall locate gear from small settlements , its more important to survive “.

    He immediately closed up.

    DARKNESS Great time

    The Heritage Of The Kurts

    Rapidly Yume , Nero and Neatwit also landed , and discovered Rudra’s cause having a corpses head below his foot.

    The players begun to rapidly descent with the parachutes getting torn , within the amount people were plunging , they recognized they could absolutely not live.

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    Nero was amazed by Rudra’s arrogance , he experienced a frustration is at shop while he enjoyed a mindless group director.

    His body system harm , he probably obtained numerous bone shattered , however from his lips the phrase coming out were actually ” Curse you … Damn shak…”.

    The guidelines for national battleground were very simple. In a abandoned tropical island , there might be smaller abandoned settlements across the road map. The players must decline working with parachutes for any place about the map.

    The event was not about just battling and eradicating opponents , it turned out about strategy and tactical. You can get rid of a opponent , or perhaps want to help save energy inside the preliminary step , and duke it out within the closing cycle.

    ” It’s a opened task guys , arrived at town F , plus i will show you whose your daddy”.

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    -250 !

    The Phoenix Arises

    The guidelines for nationwide battleground were definitely easy. In a very deserted island , there could well be small abandoned settlements throughout the chart. Players must fall by using parachutes to any site in the map.

    The generals observing the steady flow completely agreed with Nero’s viewpoint , it was actually stupid to attend a village in which 4 other squads were definitely obtaining. On the other hand Rudra was not surprised by the tip , he only enhanced the rate on the squads descent since he said ” Shakuni doesn’t getaway , Shakuni will make other people getaway “.


    The combat for village P was faraway from staying above , as 4 diverse squads survived In 4 corners in the arrangement. Guaranteed to clash within after that 10 minutes.

    The players begun to rapidly descent with regards to their parachutes simply being split , on the rate they were going down , they believed they will certainly not thrive.

    One after the other , athletes began to leap away from the jet in addition to their squads. And when the gps established that the lower position was 750 m apart , Rudra gifted the squad to leap.

    Several competitors jumped in fast succession , and a few idiot squad jumped right after them , as though giving them a run after.